Workshops to Help You
Stay Happily Married in Retirement

Thought provoking workshops on retirement help retirees adjust and create harmony in their relationships.


Retirement, A Reason to Fall in Love Again

This full day program is designed for married and committed partners. It is most powerful when both members of the relationship attend. However, because it provides numerous constructive tips for staying happily married, couples will benefit if only one member of the relationship is able to participate.

The program offers a day for retirees to identify what they need and want to do in order to adjust to marriage in retirement. The process helps couples discover how listening and compromise can help them fall deeper in love than ever before.

Retirement presents a number of surprises for most couples. The retired spouse or partner must come to terms with establishing meaning and purpose in this new life stage, and both partners must adjust to the reality of spending more time together. Some changes are often considered beneficial while others, such as interruptions in daily routines or the evolution of changing roles within the home, are not always favorably received by one’s partner. These issues are not insurmountable, but they frequently cause couples to wonder how they will navigate—or even survive—this new phase of their lives.

Some couples dread retirement, but those who plan to explore new activities or fulfill long term dreams look forward to this life stage. When couples identify their fears, expectations, hopes and dreams and share them honestly and respectfully with one another, they begin a journey where their love for one another is renewed and deepened.

Whether couples are just thinking about retirement or have been retired for a few years, the guided questioning and sharing moments in this full day workshop provide opportunities for participants to see their spouses on a new and rewarding level. A special intimacy enters the event when couples consider how the power of gratitude, empathy, openness, creativity, courage and compromise steers them to a destination of true joy and fulfillment.

In addition to exploring tools to create a happy retirement relationship, participants may also discover the fun of navigating through retirement together as they participate in possible activities such as receiving a shoulder massage, participating in a Hula-Hoop or Limbo contest or sharing their favorite poem or passage aloud.

Cruising Through Retirement, Strategies for Adjusting to Retirement

This full day program is intended for individuals in a committed relationship who are, or will soon be, retired.  It offers a time for individuals and couples to consider life changes that retirement brings and adjust to retirement by creating goals that lead to a satisfying retirement.

Retirement requires a period of adjustment. Without the presence of a forty-hour (or more) workweek, the thought of filling one’s days happily can be daunting. During this full day workshop, participants will benefit from guided questioning and discussion while recalling happy memories and long forgotten dreams and begin to plan a happy retirement life.

Activities will also include opportunities to experience the power of gratitude, empathy, openness, creativity, courage and compromise and how they foster true joy and fulfillment in retirement relationships. And, since a cruise is meant t be fun, this day will offer laughter and relaxation that may include opportunities such as a shoulder massage, participation in a Hula-hoop or limbo contest or sharing a favorite poem or passage aloud.

The Power of Memories

This  presentation on writing your memories offers a method to share one’s beliefs and hopes with other individuals. Whether retired or just thinking about it, participants will find the process helps define how they want to live their life,and how they want to be remembered by those they love.

This workshop can be offered in one of two formats

1. One 90 minute presentation where participants are encouraged to consider the value of writing their memories and explore prompts for identifying memories they might share with friends or family members.

2. Two 90 minute presentations where participants first explore the value of writing their memories and receive guidelines and critique on writing done during part of each session. Participants in the two part presentation will also be encouraged to reflect on how their memories influence their retirement choices.

Discover Yourself and Stay Happily Married in Retirement

This three part workshop helps individuals uncover their expectations for retirement and discover how to make them a reality. It may be offered as a full day program or in three 90 minute sessions.

Part I: Say Yes To A Joyful Retirement
“Love and doubt have never been on speaking terms.” ~Khalil Gibran

Understand the different expectations husbands and wives have about retirement, common emotional challenges and the value of compromise.

Part II: Build On Your Strengths
“The path toward our future is found by living fully in our present.” ~The Appreciative Way

Identify your individual needs and strengths and learn how to build on them to form stronger relationships.

Part III: Positive Thinking Creates Miracles
“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” ~Joseph Campbell

Clarify your retirement needs and goals and stay happily married through laughter, compromise, love and positive thinking.


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