Enjoy life. Go for a ride!

Enjoy life. Go for a ride!

Are you in that stage of life where retirement is on the horizon…at least from an age standpoint…but you’re not ready to take the leap. Why not? Is it because:

Your financial plan isn’t in order yet?

You can’t afford it?

You don’t know what you would do with yourself?

You like being in charge of something?

You prefer your current routine?

You don’t want to have any fun in life?

You don’t know where you want to live?

You love your job?

Your spouse isn’t ready for you to be home 24/7?

Your partner is retired?

                                                                                                                      or…none of the above?

 If you’re in denial about retirement perhaps you haven’t thought about the freedom you could enjoy while picking your own activities, day in and day out. Maybe you’ve been so busy working you haven’t dreamt about how to spend your time, and it seems that the “devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.” Valid reasons all, but I urge you to take time to think beyond today.

Warren Buffet aside, it’s likely for most of us that eventually we will no longer have the energy to accomplish tasks we did so well in our forties and fifties. It’s also possible to be forced into a “surprise” retirement…no matter how much you enjoy your employment. Far better to have a plan of your own that you can implant on your time plan…not your employer’s.

And, SURPRISE… even if you’re concerned about spending more time with your life partner, research shows that relationships tend become more fulfilling in retirement. According to the article, 7 Surprising Retirement Discoveries Awaiting You by Sheyna Steiner, “successful retirees recreate the best things about work,” especially a strong network of friends and activities. Since it takes time to build these important relationship and activities, it’s never too early to start planning…even if retirement is several years away.

 Don’t be taken by surprise! The more you plan, the better able you are to blend your dreams, your responsibilities and your financial situation into a life that works for you. It’s your call. Make it loud and clear so that you can develop a straightforward plan of what you want to do in those glorious years of retirement…whenever they come.

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