Frances DeMartino shared Kind Spring's photo on Facebook

Frances DeMartino shared Kind Spring’s photo on Facebook


We’re beginning to see more and more articles on the importance of creating new ideas and activities for ourselves in retirement. There are hundreds of reasons for this advice, but the one that resonates most with me is research about the continual development of the mind. In his book, From Age-ing To Sage-ing, Zalman Schachter-Shalomi cites studies showing that older individuals have the ability to perfect lifelong skills, but they also have a greater ability to successfully learn new ones than children and young adults do.

Those of us who frequently refer to our, all to often, senior moments may find it hard to believe that we have stronger learning potential than our children and grandchildren. However, our tools of wisdom and experience enable us to open our minds to the possibility of creativity and independent thoughts and lead us to interesting discoveries.

That old adage that you’re never too old to learn something has great value, and it’s exciting––despite what many say about our minds dwindling as we age––that we have the ability to think, to learn to create, and to apply our wisdom is so many situations.

Remember this when you worry about Senior Moments. That’s when it’s time to realize that you are better than you think. Now is the time to apply your wisdom and experience to any given situations. Your creations are beautiful!

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Have any doubts about the mental abilities of seniors?  Visit  you local Continual Learning Program at a University or Community Center and you’ll see just how clever and bright seniors are. My favorite haunt is the OLLI Program at the University of Rhode Island where I am continually amazed by the vitality and intellectual interests of so many retirees.