Surprised  Happiness is what you make it!

Some time ago I read a comment in the Economist Magazine that stated, “The European Union seems to have adopted a new rule; if a plan is not working, stick to it.” Though I’m hardly qualified to suggest remedies to the EU for their current financial debacle, (you want me to balance the checkbook???) the irony of it stuck with me––if something isn’t working, wouldn’t you look for new solutions?

That thought came to light recently when I spoke with some women who seemed to feel they were trapped in an unhappy retirement marriage. The women had been married for many years and had reasonably good marriages. Yet, once their husbands retired, they apparently felt trapped by the 24/7 aspect of his presence and choose to do nothing about it. The sad part is––it doesn’t have to be that way.

I am in no way suggesting they throw him out––or even insist that he get another full-time job. Instead it could be time to throw away bad habits they’ve developed as a couple. Life and our routines change when one or both of us retire––it’s up to us to decide what routines to keep and which to toss.

One suggestion I was given when my husband first retired was to schedule a Date Day every week. It’s a great way to add a bit of fun to your lives, and this time of the year is a great time to institute the habit. Free street fairs and concerts abound and the weather is conducive to picnics in a park or on a beach. Even these simple events provide opportunity for couples to enjoy a change of scenery and one another’s company.

So why not pick up your local paper and discover an interesting event or place to visit. I think you’ll be glad you did.

What’s your favorite date day activity? Be sure to comment below so others can join the fun. Together we might find a whole week’s worth of date days.

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