Walking is good for us

Walking is good for us

According to at least one website, March 30 is National Take a Walk in the Park Day. I’d like to suggest that it could be good for all retirees to seize this opportunity.

Let’s face it; retirement is hard work—especially if you’re a person who feels the need to schedule every moment. A quiet walk in the park—or on the beach or in the woods—could provide you opportunity to consider if you are pursuing the best activities for you. Do they give you a sense of purpose and enjoyment? Do they bring you in contact with people you enjoy? Do they wake you excitedly each morning?

On the other hand, if you don’t have engaging activities, a different kind of hard work could be in store for you. Studies show that retirees with meaningful activities are happier and healthier than their counterparts. Without actives you consider worthwhile, boredom could sap your energy and delete your desire to share happily with others.

Whatever state of activity you find yourself, a walk in the park could be your secret to happiness. A walk can reduce stress—whether its from too much or too little activity—and it can help you sort through emotions and concerns. Walking is good exercise even if you don’t consider yourself a physically active person. A good walk in fresh air can also makes you more mentally alert, and it costs nothing.

So, what’s not to like about this day? Please share your thoughts on walking in your favorite environment. Do you do it often and how do you feel when you go for a walk?

Will you walk on Mach 30?  If you do it with a friend or lover, it can be even more fun.

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