Give your partner a hug to rock your retirementbehind as they both smile

Caring for your partner is the best way to be happy together.

Starting a New Year Together in Retirement

Are you starting the New Year together in retirement? Whether this is your first year in retirement together or your tenth, you might be considering resolutions that you hope will make your lives happier, richer or more exciting. Consequently, I thought I’d share an article on nine things happy couples do for one another. While the suggestions won’t make you richer they could make your life together happier more exciting and certainly richer.

 Why do I say these simple actions could enhance your lives together? It’s because I have learned that doing for others generally makes us happy. It’s also because doing something for someone we care for most often intensifies our joy in being with that person. 

Actions that create healthy relationships in retirement

In this article Kelsey Borreson offers 9 actions suggested by relationship experts that help create healthy and happy relationships. All of these are great suggestions, but two of my favorite are “they act generously without keeping score,” and “they give compliments.” I like these because they have the greatest impact on a happy relationship just by noticing and mentioning little things your partner does for you or others. Both can soon become a habit that creates harmony. On the other hand, without an occasional compliment or expression of gratitude our partner could become bogged down in the minutia of all she or he does for you. Appreciation doesn’t take much effort, but it reaps great benefits. 

I hope you’ll take the time to read this article and, perhaps, look at more of Kelsey’s work or that of the relationship experts she quotes. 

Treat Yourself to tools for being happy together in retirement.

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I hope you’ll share this opportunity with you other retired friends and help them discover ways for enjoying their retirement together and their New Year.