Sometimes we feel like we cannot find the light at the end of the tunnel

…there is no tunnel.

Sometimes we need others to help lead us to light.

Who might need your love and support today?

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A Season of Giving For All

For a vast majority of this world’s  inhabitants, the months of November, December and January are filled with celebrations. These are festive and happy times when we share gifts and give thanks for good things in our lives. Some call it the Season of Giving.

It’s also true that not everyone feels a reason to celebrate or to give thanks. However we can help change that with a little effort. Even while busy rejoicing in our blessings, it’s usually possible to find ways and time for sharing goodness with others. Newspapers, radios and websites list multiple opportunities to help others. School children bring gifts for those who have less and also create beautiful works of art for their parents and siblings. Phone calls and letters bring distant relatives and friends closer this time of the year. And, best of all, we relish the excitement of new things happening in our lives.

Why Talk About This Season of Giving? 

Why do I mention this? It’s probably first and foremost because I love this holiday season. I find it pleasing to be in touch with friends and family who live afar. While sometimes challenging, choosing gifts during this season of giving for those I love is exciting. Also, providing gifts for those who have less helps affirm my concern for others. And finding unique gifts for everyone is often invigorating. 

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Will You Share Stories About Your Celebrations and Seasons of Giving

How do you like to celebrate your November – January holidays? Which have special meaning for you and with whom do you like to share these times? It would be wonderful to hear your holiday stories and how they enrich your life. Please share them in the comment section below.

Happy Celebrations to all! And don’t forget to check out this BLACK FRIDAY GIFT for you and your family.