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Three simple words to change your life

I wonder, have you ever thought about the significance of the three simple words, I love you? I know I hadn’t thought about that much throughout the years. True, as my husband or I were dashing out the door for work, we often said, “Luv ya”. But did we give thought to what that really meant? Probably not. I think we just took it for granted. 

Becoming aware of saying I love you.

Perhaps my first  truly conscious consideration of the importance of these words began when I started researching retirement.The impact of this phrase struck me while interviewing a friend on his thoughts about retirement relationships. During our conversations, he mentioned that couples who hug three times a day and say,” I love you” wil always be happy. It’s not that couples can’t survive together without making such statements, but doing so usually enriches a relationship beyond expectations. 

Recently while talking with a few women I was struck by this thought again. They had just learned that I had written the book, Survive Your Husband’s Retirement (insert link) and began to reveal all  their mate’s shortages. It was done in a loving, kidding, way, but there was some  irony in the discussion. 

Each of these women have been married a long time and seem happily connected with their partners. However, I found it interesting how human nature prompts us to first reveal the “awfulness” of situations. This led me to rethink and share how saying, “I love you”  benefits a relationship.

Why saying I love you builds a stronger relationship

Saying I love you tells your partner that he or she matters to you.

Saying I love you reminds your mate that you care deeply about him or her.

Saying I love you says you love your partner regardless of all his or her quirks.

Saying I love you reinforces the trust you have in your mate. 

Saying I love you strengthens your relationship because it helps both partners overlook

(or laugh together about) one another’s idiosyncrasies

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So—did you tell your partner today that  you love him or her?  This question also brings back fond memories for me of my Dad who, every day, said to Mom “Did I tell you today that I love you.” And then he would. May you all experience such a treasured relationship.