Ever gone on a driving trip with your spouse in an area that is new to both of you?  Worse yet––was your destination in a country with road signs in a language neither of you speak?  If so, you’re probably aware of the stress that can cause.

We recently came back from a trip that demolished that tension thanks to the GPS in our rental car. I wasn’t so sure that was going to be the case at first. It took a while for the GPS to locate the satellites and download our destination after exiting the airport. This caused a some angst as we circled the parking lot several times wondering if our guide would perform properly.  I was especially nervous as I typically fall into the role of navigator despite my terrible sense of direction.

Once Mildred did kick in, our trip became euphoric. Yes, we quickly gave the voice a name, but why not? She ended our doubts over when to go left or right or what highway to take. My husband simply did as she said.  Wow––I need that power!

Still, we had one incident, proving that human nature kicks in despite the marvels of modern technology.  When we exited a roundabout too soon, Mildred was not happy. She kept repeating, “Make a U-Turn as soon as possible”––a virtual impossibility in downtown Milan. After five or six demands for this action, my husband started responding in less than complimentary terms.  Hearing this made me giggle silently until I could no longer contain the laughter. It felt good not to be the back seat driver.  It felt even better for him to vent the frustration of driving in a strange area to someone else.

I mention this because so many retired couples are eager to travel and explore places they never had time to visit before. It’ s wonderful, freeing activity, and I suggest that you do so–– “For better or worse, but not without a GPS.”

Happy travels.