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Dear Reader,

I have an idea for bringing laughs to this season as you strive to Survive Your Husband’s Retirement and banish stress in this holiday season. 

                 Do You Feel Stressed?

Around this time of the year, many of us feel stressed. Sure, we hope to create a beautiful holiday season for our family and friends, but how do we treat ourselves? 

Some of us run around from store to store for the perfect gift? Others might stress out with Internet shopping while hoping that everything will arrive on time. Then there are the holiday parties. They are always fun, but how do you feel about the time you give to them? 

I know I try shop early to find meaningful gifts, and I love parties. Still, time stress can be present.

This could help reduce your stress

This year I thought of one small way I can help make this season less stressful for you and your friends. The ebook Survive Your Husband’s Retirement has just been posted  on a new web site, with a holiday price.  Both retirement adjustment and keeping the holidays simple can be stressful. My hope is that this book will make an intriguing gift for you and your friends. I hope you agree. I think your friends will too!

If you’re looking for more Stress Buster  tips, you’ll enjoy these great ideas from Ellen Dolgen.  She reminds us about  

Spreading ourselves too thin


Sticking to a budget

Making time for ourselves

Getting enough sleep 

Why think about these suggestions?

Although we know all the things Ellen mentions in her article, it never hurts to be reminded 


Wishing you the happiest of holidays with laughter, love 

and sharing.


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 enjoying the holidays at the beach upon a husband's retirement

Perfect winter holidays