Being grateful helps create a successful retirement relationships

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Successful Retirement–what does it mean to you? The other day while reviewing some of my previous writing, I came across this piece on Successful Retirement Steps. I thought you might enjoy reading it while taking time to be grateful for your retirement relationship this Thanksgiving week.

Happy reading! Thank you for your continued support and for sharing your brilliant ideas on making retirement the best it can be.  


Step 1.  Evaluate. How Do You Define Successful Retirement?

Reflect on how you and your partner view your retirement situation. Do you have concerns about current or potential changes in your life ? What are your partner’s concerns? How do you blend your concerns and dreams with one another?

Step 2.  Assess Your Passions—Can They Help You Create A Successful Retirement? 

Once you have identified your expectations for retirement, consider your passions. How do they fit into your retirement dreams? On a scale of 1-10, how much energy are you willing to put into accomplishing those dreams? How much time, money or support will you need? Remember, even if you don’t have ALL the resources you think you might need, you could probably scale your desire to fit your means.

Step 3.  Consider Your Creative Talents. 

Generally the things we enjoy doing most are those that make use of our given strengths. What do you consider your greatest talents and how do (or could) you bring them to life? After you and your mate have imagined all the hurdles that might get in your way, ask yourself if you want something badly enough to overcome any obstacles. If the answer is “yes”, you’re likely to discover fewer hurdles than you thought.

Step 4. Share Your Dreams for a Successful Retirement.

If your spouse doesn’t know how you want to spend retirement, you may both experience surprises and disharmony. Sharing your dreams with your life mate provides a tremendous opportunity for each of you to get to know one another better—even after all these years.

Step 5. Compare

Consider the similarities and differences in your dreams. How will your individual ambitions fit with your mutual hopes for a successful retirement marriage? What compromises are needed?

Step 6. Compromise

Compromise promotes harmony in relationships. Find ways to balance one another’s goals in order to achieve a mutually happy and successful retirement.

Step 7. Take Action — No Matter How Small It Is.

Shake the dust off old dreams—or create new goals. Retirement brings you a different life style. Taking positive action provides a sense of fulfillment, fosters satisfaction and gives you reasons to be grateful.

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I hope this Thanksgiving season brings you all the harmony and joy you can imagine.

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