The author Discovers a new meaning of stress

Rock climbing seems easy compared to COVID-19 threats


The Stress of COVID 

YIKES! Could it be COVID? Or is is just the start of Fall allergies? I often have a scratchy throat in the Fall. But then—what about the slight fever or achey bones? Oh No—do I have this year’s curse. But, then I wonder, what 70+ person doesn’t have some achey bones?  More importantly, however, have I shared this curse with someone. Must I add guilt to the not so great apprehension? 

Normally I would just ignore these minor symptoms of dis-ease and continue living as normal. However, being a product of the 50’s a sense of guilt can often accompany almost any concern. For days, I kept wondering—should I—or should I not go for the dreaded swab. I even cancelled my hair appointment. Talk about STRESS!

For days, nothing really changed-that is if you don’t count that lingering sense of dread that I may infect someone. It’s not that we had been gallivanting all over the state or country, but now I’m not even social distancing with a friend or two on occasion. That feeling compelled me to hang-out at home perpetually which definitely increased my sense of isolation. 

Tools for Survival

I did reread some information on Mindfulness  in hopes of regaining a sense of peace and acceptance. It worked to some extent despite my concern that I am also inflicting insolation on my husband Art. Though he feels perfectly fine, he too, has been subjected to quarantine as our plans for the holiday weekend have been negated. Eventually guilt and frustration led me to the website for the COVID test. Unfortunately that was over Labor Day weekend so I had to wait 2 days for the test,  then a few more for results.

It’s not that I mind being at home. I love our home, and we are blessed with a wonderful view. Now, it’s also cool enough that I can separate and transplant some flowers and bushes that yearn for new locations. However, the problem is that I sometimes yearn for a new location as well, at least for a few hours. 

I also have plenty to read, and—always—plenty to clean. So—what’s my problem? Nothing really. While I have felt I haven’t infected anyone, I wouldn’t actually know for a few more days. Perhaps the biggest issue for me was a sense of guilt. No one wants to make a friend ill. And talk about proximity—my husband is perfectly healthy.  Wouldn’t he have it too? 

Relief Provided

Bingo! After what felt like a year, the test results arrived. “No detection of any infection”. Have you ever seen a senior citizen do a Happy Dance? You would have if you had been in my home when I read the results!

My conclusion on all of this is that we are living in strange and unpredictable times. The best we can do for ourselves is take life one day at a time. Let’s laugh and smile as much as we can. I hope your soon to be Fall days are lovely and you enjoy the outside as much as you wish.

If you are feeling stressed because of Covid, you might want to review this article by the Center for Disease Control.  LINK