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Last week while asking readers their thoughts about Grandparenting in Retirement it occurred to me that Sharing in Retirement also contributes to the quality of our retirement lives .

Theoretically speaking, retirees have more time to spend on activities of their choice, and most of us have greater freedom to choose how we spend that time. How we use that freedom of choice may be critical to the degree of satisfaction and joy we feel in the third stage of life.

As social human beings most of us enjoy sharing something with another person—whether it’s a meal, a book, a laugh, a hug, your time, or whatever else is of value to you and the other person. Today I would like to ask what you like to share with others, and how you feel when you share that particular emotion or item.

Do you feel diminished because you have given up time from something else, or does it make you happy that you can take the time to be with that person? Are you a better person when you share? Are you happier or more fulfilled when you give something of yourself to another and what are the most enjoyable sharing actives you have had in the past year or two?

As I did in Grandparenting in Retirement, I would like to share a printable copy of

The Seven Commandments of Retirement Marriage 

with anyone who writes an idea on the beauty of sharing in the comment section below.

Even if you have one you have already framed or you are single, it might be fun to share this copy with a friend or relative.

Do you remember the book, All I Really Need to Know, I Learned In Kindergarten? Its message is still relevant, and number one on the list is about sharing. You can feel good about yourself by writing a simple note on how sharing has made you happy, a better person or enriched in a particular way. We look forward to your comments.

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