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Do you sometimes feel crotchety? That’s a problem with being a senior. Sometimes aches and pains or frustration with frequent doctors’ visits, being tired, dealing with other seniors or even snarky teens at the grocery store makes us grouchy. It’s too bad because being a sourpuss or winer makes us feel even worse, thus creating a vicious circle for ourselves.

I recently read a wonderful article in the Global Love Project on Self-Love. Aine Belton, the wise young woman who heads this project states that “Self-love equates with self-knowing.” To me, that thought seems to be the perfect cure for times when we feel unexplainably quick to complain or find fault with someone.

Belton states that “the relationship you have with yourself is like a blueprint that sets the nature and quality of relationships with others. When we love ourselves, the need to control those around us or the sense of sacrifice we feel on occasion disappears. The secret to creating a successful loving relationship with your mate and others lies in how much you value yourself. “What you cannot give to or receive from yourself, you will not be able to do for others.”

Do you stress about how you’ll cope with the demands and pressures we often put upon ourselves in the holiday season? This could be your time to reflect on how you accept and love yourself.

  • Do you take time to do things you love to do?
  • Do you give yourself credit for the wonderful things you do?
  • Do you know how to say “no?”
  • Do you reserve time to take care of yourself with exercise, healthy eating, reading, sharing time with special friends or relaxing?

In my conversations with retired wives and husbands, I find many don’t take time to practice self-love because they are busy with, what may be, self-imposed obligations. They find that itt becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the loving relationships they cherish when they ignore their own needs. “What you cannot give to or receive from yourself, you will lack the ability to do so with another.” Why not make a New Year resolution today to honor yourself so that you can have the strength to honor and love others?

Checkout the Global Love Project for more great ideas.

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“Your task is not to seek for love, but… the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi