Winer holidays for all bring light and joy

Winter holidays help us find new ways of giving in retirement.
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Giving in Retirement has Many Blessings

This time of the year, newspaper, radio and internet ads all remind us that it’s the Season of Giving. I wonder, do you struggle, as I often do, to find just the right gift? Do you sometimes purchase items the recipient will wind up never using? Nevertheless, many of us feel that these rituals have their place. However, there are other ways of giving in retirement that have more  lasting benefits for us and the recipients.

Empathy and Patience: True Examples of Giving in Retirement

Those who have been retired for some time know that we or our partners can sometimes be grouchy. Such situations call for the greatest of gifts—empathy. It helps when we consider that our partner may simply be having a bad day. When we refuse to let this bother us, we give ourselves and our partner a gift. That helps us move beyond unpleasant situations and brightens our days. It also strengthens our relationship and creates pleasure for one another. What more important gift could you give a loved one? 

The Gift of Humor Leads to Contentment and Joy

Other annoyances retired couples often encounter center around forgetfulness. How often have you or your partner one entered a room and forgotten what you were seeking there? Do you  find yourself repeating a story you told your mate two days ago? Have you forgotten an answer to a question you asked last week? Although these situations are frustrating, they aren’t the end of the world. The majority of retirees experience some memory lapses, but it’s not healthy to dwell on that. Helping ourselves and our spouses find humor amidst our frustration minimizes the pain and concern that frequently accompanies this madness. I believe such positive thinking also helps us concentrate more so we forget less!

Giving Love in Retirement Conquers All

Like most couples, you may find that your relationship with your mate is different today than it was thirty or so years ago. Hopefully, you and your partner find yourselves more appreciative of one another and forgiving of each others’ idiosyncrasies. I believe this is the ultimate of deep and abiding love that makes retirement years special. When we live that love, we become an example for others and inspire them to create their own joy and contentment.

Why not give yourself and your loved ones the special gifts of  Patience, Empathy, Humor, Contentment, Joy and Love? You could help change at least a part of the world. 

May this Season of Giving be joyful all year long!

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