sculpture by Ken MacDonald

sculpture by Ken MacDonald

Do you ever wonder why the emphasis on living in the moment is in so much of today’s literature? I often come across titles in magazines and on Internet sites such as The Art of Now: Six Steps to Living in the Moment, or Ten Steps to Mindfulness and am reminded that I could do better at that.

Don’t get me wrong; I know mindfulness is important, and the the older I get, the more I realize how a nonjudgmental awareness of the present makes me calmer, more effective and even healthier. However, while I appreciate the value of being present to every precious moment, in the midst of Christmas and New Year preparations I often forget about what’s important. I want everything to be “perfect” for my family!

Historically, holidays were created to provide time to recognize the beauty of life and find pleasure in our families, our surroundings and our lives. They are meant for joy and laughter, but we sometimes get too busy to allow that to happen. On the other hand, when we give ourselves to the present, rather than thinking about all the preparation needed to celebrate the events, we’re better able to focus on the people who give meaning to our lives. This typically allows us to be more tuned into their feelings because we feel more grounded, energized and creative.

As I talk with various retirees, I learn that most of us feel busier than ever and wonder how we ever had time to work. My guess is that a walk in the woods–or some other calming experience if it’s just too cold outside for you–will open the joys buried within that busyness. Some  wonderful realization might even come your way.

If you do nothing else this beautiful holiday season, I hope you’ll find the time to take your walk in the woods and find something new and wonderful about your life and this season. Then, you might share that calmness and delight with someone you love.

Happy pre-holiday preparations, and please, if you like this thought, send it to a friend or post it on Facebook. You might also want to read the two articles mentioned above.  They have some great tips.


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