A great joy of life in retirement is that we can generally pick and choose our activities. When that activity reaches a certain level of success, we can also celebrate the event.

After three years of keeping my “nose to the grindstone” in my so-called retirement, the book I have been working on is in its final printing. It will be available in the coming weeks, and I’ll be sure to let you know!

I’m delighted at this turn of events because I hope that I will now sleep at night and not get up at 2 AM to write the glorious thought that just occurred to me in my not so sound sleep. I also am rejoicing in the sheer satisfaction of accomplishing something I set out to do. Most of all, however, I’m pleased that the book turned out to be a piece of work that will help get the conversation going about our right and opportunity to create blissful and happy retirement marriages. These thoughts have come about because many retired husbands and wives shared their experiences in their retirement marriages and helped me express ideas on how to make this stage of life meaningful and happy.

Working on this book has sparked another idea for me. Clearly I am not the only person in the retirement world who has created a goal and know (or are on the verge of knowing) the sweet satisfaction of a goal accomplished. I’d love to share others’ stories on what people have set as  goals in retirement and how they set about accomplishing them.

Your story would be an inspiration for others. 

I hope you’ll join in the fun–share your story below. Be sure to send me your email address in case there are questions or CBS wants to contact you.  It’s time for Retirees to speak out and show the world what we’re doing.

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