SmileHave you told your husband what makes you happy recently? Has he told you?

If you’re like many retirees you’re probably wondering how you got to be so busy in what was supposed to be the time of no alarm clocks and no schedules. Many retirees I know––myself included––are as busy, or busier, than they ever were. Admittedly many of the activities that consume our time are self-chosen and often fun, but they still require attention and fill our calendars.

I wouldn’t suggest for a moment that being happily busy is a bad thing; it’s only that it can get in the way of quiet time with ourselves and our spouses to reflect on who we really are and what matters to us as a couple. Spending time together just sharing your thoughts may well be the most important activity retired couples can pursue. This deepens our relationship as we us continue to learn even more about our spouse of many years, and sharing happy thoughts lifts our appreciation level for one another. Doctors also say that happiness is good for our hearts! Surprised

I recently read of a couple who make it a practice to share at least one thing each day that makes them happy. Sounds like a good idea. What’s your happy thought today?  We’d love to read your comments below.  Perhpas together we can spread happiness throughout the land!

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