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downloaded from Share Happiness Project

Have you decided what your retirement bucket list should look like? Statistics show that   more Boomers are deciding not to retire. Others are deciding to work at least part-time. Consequently, the article For a Fun Job in Retirement, Think Out of the Box. intrigued me. That’s where the best ideas generally occur.

Thinking out of the box is important for retirees. It generates ideas and thoughts that keep life exciting. In retirement we often have fewer obligations to employees and children. We do have a greater responsibility to pursue activities that keep us healthy, happy and mentally sharp, however.

Even if a part time job in retirement is a financial necessity, there are  alternatives to dreary activities that just bring in cash. Even a necessary job has the potential to be fun,, and that gives a new framework for a Retirement Bucket List.

Even if your life style fits both your needs, a Bucket List can be changed as new ideas enter our parameters. I never thought of being a Guest Service Manager in Olympic National Park. Yet, the site, Coolworks, shows that many organizations are looking for competent people to work in seasonal positions. Best of all, these positions offer beautiful locations and opportunity to meet new friends while boosting the retirement cache. Why not consider a change of scenery for two or three months? Why not create your own business doing something you love?  The possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re looking for a part time job or not, consider checking out the above sites. Your retirement, and your bucket list might expand beyond your imagination. So will your joie de vivre. What activities spark your creativity?  Please share your thoughts below. Everyone can benefit from new and different ideas.

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