Budda offering words of wisdom about being bored in retirement

We are responsible for our own changes.

Bored in Retirement?  Consider these options for moving on

Let’s be honest— everyone is different. If you are bored in retirement, your sense of boredom is different than that of anyone else’s. No one can tell you what you need to do to feel better in this life stage—only you can decide that. 

Despite that reality, consider that a major problem with feeling bored in retirement is the detriment to your health. When we’re bored, we often feel lonely, and loneliness can lead to depression and poor health. The question is, do you want to live in poor health? Do you want to take the risk of spending all of your retirement funds on doctors and medicine and winding up with too little money to feed yourself? 

Only you can decide what you want in your retirement life and how you plan to accomplish that. However, I’d guess that being sickly didn’t make it on your what I want to do in retirement list. If you’re bored in retirement, you can make changes. 

Think back on what you enjoyed besides work when you were younger. What made you laugh or smile? What gave you a sense of satisfaction and joy? Are there any of those events you recall that can be somewhat replicated today? 

If you loved doing cartwheels in your youth, you might not want to replicate that today. Nevertheless, ask yourself what it is about the cartwheels that gave you a sense of freedom, joy or satisfaction. Is there something you might do today to recreate that excitement—even for a few moments? Once you start identifying past joyful experiences, your mind becomes more likely to find other joy producing activities.  

Identifying the difficulties of being bored in retirement

Recently, I’ve come across several articles on the difficulties of feeling bored in retirement. It makes me sad to read that many of my peers suffer from this condition.  Still, I realize that each person must map out his or her own plan for it to be genuine and effective. 

The first step to make an anti-boredom plan is to confirm what we need to be happy. The second step is accepting our individual responsibility to define what is needed for our happiness. 

If you feel bored in retirement, what will you do to make change occur?  What kind of questions will you ask yourself—and what kind of answers do you want? 

Ending Boredom

Satisfactorily ending boredom will require desire, and possibly, hard work. But if your health and well-being are important to you, it will be worth the effort. If you or someone you know suffers boredom, you might find the articles below helpful. I hope so, you’re worth the effort!

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