The real beauty in aging lies in our willingness to commit to goals


The real beauty in aging lies in our willingness to commit to goals that have special meaning for us. The beauty in aging is also our wisdom to know what has special meaning for us and, for the most part, freedom to make the time to commit to those goals. The conflict in aging is fitting all those things that have special meaning to us into our days.

Often I hear retired people say there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  Because I am frequently one of those people making that comment, I appreciate the yin and yang in the statement. The happy side for me is that I am actively involved in things I love doing and that I have the freedom to choose my activities. The harder part is that the quantity of what I want to do can cause overwhelming conflict. Deciphering what is important on a particular day requires discipline and good schedules.

Some retirement experts suggest creating a bucket list…but that takes time from the activities I am already enjoying. Besides, if I give time to do that, I’ll probably discover even more things I want to explore, and that will mean even less sleep.

Some people have a strict regime they follow regularly. I admire them for their discipline and commitment to what they have chosen to do. However, I seem to be unable to do that as new and exciting opportunities continue to pop up. When I am writing I can get lost in the process and feel perfectly content, but I can do the same when I’m walking the beach. The conflict comes when I emerge from one of those engrossing activities and realize that I forgot all about the activity I had intended to do that day.

Do you ever feel that that you need to gain control of your time? I’m sure I am not alone so I’d love to hear how others manage their retirement days. How do you decide how you will spend your time? How disciplined are you or do you enjoy the random feeling of going from one thing to another as the mood strikes you?

If you have the magic answer—or at least something close to it—please share it in the comment section below. Believe me; your ideas will benefit many readers of this blog.

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