Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 3.26.34 PMSailing the Seas as an octogenarian? Why not? Many people do it.

I just read an article by Vitae Bergman who began sailing at the age of 59.  Now in his 70s, he had no intention of slowing down. In fact, he and his wife plan to join the multitude of couples who have chosen the live-aboard cruising life when she finally retires.

Bergman describes his sailing friends––many of whom are in their 80s–– as “joyful people, interested in every aspect of life, every person they meet, every place they encounter.” He states that when you anchor in any harbor in the world, you will find retired couples socializing with gusto, visiting each other in their boats, sharing dinners on board or in a restaurant when not sunbathing, swimming, playing volleyball or drinking at a cookout.

One of the aspects of this way of life seems to be the establishment of quick and deep friendships. Many couples team up and sail together from place to place. While at sea each couple is on their own boat where they have time to commune with nature and enjoy their togetherness as a couple. This also provides ample opportunity to spend most of the day outdoors in fresh, clean air, moving across at a peaceful pace. “What could be healthier?” he asks.

Perhaps sailing’s not for you, but there’s probably some other mutually agreeable, healthy activity that you and your spouse would happily share. Before you commit to a sedentary retirement life, consider what you will do to keep yourselves active, joyful and interested in every aspect of life.

Let’s have some fun with this. In the comment section below, write your craziest, wild idea––or your most ardent dream for an active retirement and how you will accomplish it. We’ll take a vote on the first 15 replies, and the winner receives a free download of the book, Survive Your Husband’s Retirment. 

Some thoughts to get you started: What have you always wanted to do? What has kept you from doing it? What do you need to make it happen––and how will you accomplish this goal? Be among the first to enter the contest.

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