red common crossbill enjoying spring

courtesy of Jim McHale:

Retirement as a New Spring

Most people seem to be invigorated by Spring. My Yoga Instructor refers to the chirping of newly hatched birds and the profusion of daffodils, as a living breath of fresh air. And, for some reason this year I’ve begun to think of retirement as a new spring.

Why Think of Retirement as a New Spring?

More than any season, Spring causes a lively transformation of nature. While snowy hills have a beauty of their own, nothing makes me feel as alive as an early Spring morning. The birds’ songs reach out as if saying, “Time to look at today as a new beginning.”  The sun gives me energy to do what needs to be done and enthusiasm for new ideas. Both make me smile as they confirm that this life stage is as joyful as a Spring day.

Retirement gives me more time to enjoy the daily awakening of nature. Listening to or watching Spring’s evolution gives me pause to find hope and beauty in a sometimes perplexing world. Most of all, these moments provide me with insights for making retirement the best it can be.

In retirement it could be easy to slip into monotonous or unfulfilling routines. However, brighter, warmer days prompt me to seek alternatives. Sometimes, Spring moves me to consider how I might contribute to the beauty of this world. Other times it inspires me to be more physically or mentally active and adopt challenges I’d not previously considered. Whatever spring prompts me to do that day; I know I am healthier and happier because of it.

Think about it; which do you enjoy more, feeling grumpy or happy and energetic? I suspect most everyone’s response would be the later. Spring is a time to discover greater satisfaction and a sense of purpose. Spring is a new beginning. Why not use this season to think of Retirement as a New Spring for yourself?

How might you add the joy of Spring to your life?

Where is your favorite place to enjoy nature? Do you have a walking spot or special Spring activity you would like to share with others Your suggestions could inspire another reader to “go for the gusto” and discover a wonderful new activity.  Please share your ideas below.

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