Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 12.55.06 PMI recently came across an interesting web site about National Tell a Story Day. It’s celebrated annually in the US, Scotland and The UK on April 27th. The day is both a celebration of the art of oral storytelling and an opportunity to get people to gather together to tell all kinds of stories…from a book, from memory or from one’s imagination. While no one is certain of the origin of this day, it clearly demonstrates the value of storytelling. It also provides vindication for retirees prone to share their memories.

Retirees who tell a story provide interesting and educational opportunities plus a good way to carry on traditions. The best stories are usually about past experiences and adventures. Why not make your tales of yesteryear the catalyst from which your grandchildren, neighbors and friends can learn and can grow closer to one another? You might even want to organize your own event with friends, family or colleagues and create a magical world of enchanting fairy tales, scary ghost stories or age-old family legends.

The website Tell a Story Day will provide you with more information on this day while effective ways to tell stories will help you develop fascinating tales to share.

You might even want to Tell us your story or share the link to your telling your story in the comment section below. You could become a YouTube star.

Please like this site on Facebook, Tweet this post or forward it to a friend.  We retirees have a lot to share. Let’s begin right here and set the precedent for storytelling. We all look forward to your story.

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