Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.57.18 AMI just came across two disturbing reports; one claiming that the joy of retirement wears off ten months after someone quits work, and the other claiming that, for many people, retirement is worse than working.

When unhappy retirees were questioned, many stated that they felt redundant, that their relationships with their spouse or family were stressed, that they were wasting the knowledge they gained through their lives and careers, or that they feel lonely.

I hope that none of my readers fall into these categories—for retirement is supposed to be the GOLDEN YEARS. But if you know someone who experiences stress, is lonely or feels redundant in retirement, it’s encouraging to note that it may not be too late to reverse the situation. Steps taken by satisfied retirees for a happy retirement include a commitment to maintaining good relationships with friends and family, to keeping healthy by exercising and watching their weight and by finding new interests that make them feel useful, happy and/or productive.

You may feel as if you’ve heard this a thousand times…I know I have. Still, since it seems that many retirees do worry about staying independent and healthy, it never hurts to ask ourselves what we are doing to make certain that we enjoy retirement. This isn’t selfish or self-centered.

When we were working or raising a family, we often didn’t have time to ask ourselves if we were happy, satisfied or even healthy: we automatically forged ahead with what had to be done to keep our jobs and help our families and community. If we still care about our families and communities we owe it to them to be content and productive in retirement for that’s what will keep us healthy and everyone around us happy.

True, many retirees face various illnesses and indescribable aches. However, it does help to do whatever we can to avoid feeling redundant, sad or cranky—if nothing else, it helps ignore the pain… least for the moment.

Who do you know who has overpowered dreadful illnesses or circumstances in order to enjoy the Golden Years?  Please share the story below.

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