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"Laughter is the sunshine of life."

My nephew, Mike, just began working in the Development Office of the high school both he and I attended. Yes, he and his brother––and I, along with my five siblings, wandered the hallowed halls of St. Rose HS––many years apart––where we enjoyed a good education in a caring atmosphere. I suspect someday there will be a few of my parents’ great grandchildren there as the school continues its strong academic programs, but I digress…

In Mike’s process of becoming familiar with the alumni, he found himself looking at some––very OLD––year books and found my picture and quote within. He called to share his find and say he enjoyed my (I think) original quote that “laughter is the sunshine of life.” My response was, “how amazing that I was so wise at even such a tender age.”

Truthfully, I was stunned by my apparent wisdom; I certainly don’t remember making up––or finding––such a quote. Then I thought this statement reveals a lot of who I am, and it was nice to hear confirmation that this has always been important to me.

Laughter is good for the soul. It makes us feel lighter and happier. Doctors say it makes us healthier and, God knows, we can all use that in retirement.  So if your spouse is driving you crazy with egregious behavior, find what’s funny in it and approach it with him or her in a lighthearted way. Your success rate is guaranteed to be higher than if you scream, yell or pout about the situation.