International Women's Day for all.  courtesy of UN Women's Day site

International Women’s Day for all. courtesy of UN Women’s Day site

March 8, 2016 is International Women’s Day. Since we all like to be appreciated, I’m sure you can relate to my feeling of how nice for women to be recognized with a national day. However, upon reading that Gender Parity is this year’s theme I realized that this day is for a greater cause then appreciation of women’s accomplishments; it’s a calling for equal education for women and girls throughout the world.

Do we have any idea how many women and girls are denied an education just because they are female? And, without an education it’s twice as difficult to make a living or to live independently.

Many young girls are denied education and forced into relationships with men because they cannot support themselves.This also makes it difficult to seek any rights in their society or to live independently, free from abuse or marital slavery.

Those of us reading (and writing) this blog have likely been gifted with as much education as we chose so it’s difficult to understand why a society would deny anyone knowledge. I suspect reasons for such a denial are that men believe women do not deserve it or fear what will happen when educated women develop the ability to speak for themselves.

I recognize that these comments are out of character for this blog, but it seems that this is yet another area where women can unite and make a difference. International Women’s Day provides the impetus for us to call for change and to honor acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played a role in the history of their communities. Perhaps if we speak out for equality of pay, of education and opportunities and for the respect every woman deserves we can help foster needed change.

How do we begin? The process is different for each person but a review of at the UN Women’s Website may spark ideas. When something inspires you, share that thought and inspire others.

I believe that women can right many of the awful wrongs in this world, and the more we share our ideas, the more support we gain for those who may seem beyond our help. Together we can make a difference. Sharing your thoughts below is another way to inspire actions that will help those denied an education for sexist reasons.

Please share your thoughts below, and share this article with women who care and want to help.