A resolution for retirement?

Caring about others brings happiness

Making Resolutions for Retirement

Have you made resolutions for retirement this year? Now that the standard “push” to create them has passed, I thought I’d share an article that could reinforce and support you desire for joy in retirement. 

Whether this is your first year in retirement together or your tenth, you might have considered resolutions intended to make your lives happier, richer or more exciting.  I think this article on nine things happy couples do for one another will reinforce your efforts. While the suggestions won’t make you financially richer, they could make your life together happier, more exciting and certainly richer.

 Why do I say these simple actions could enhance your lives together? Research shows that doing for others generally makes us happy. Also, doing something for someone we care for most often intensifies our joy in being with that person. 

Actions that create healthy relationships in retirement

In this attached article Kelsey Borreson offers nine actions suggested by relationship experts that help create healthy and happy relationships. All of these are great suggestions, but two of my favorite are “they act generously without keeping score,” and “they give compliments.” I like these because they have the greatest impact on a happy relationship. Just noticing and mentioning little things your partner does for you or others increases our positive feelings for one another. Both of these actions can become a habit, and that creates harmony. 

Without an occasional compliment or expression of gratitude partners could begin to resent all she or he does for the other. Appreciation reaps great benefits, but doesn’t take much effort. Resolutions in retirement might seem “old hat” to some, but it’s never too late to give it a try!

Help Yourself find new resolutions in retirement that truly work. 

I hope you’ll take the time to read this article and, perhaps, look at more of Kelsey’s work or that of the relationship experts she quotes.

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