A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard t find and lucky to have

Celebrate Gal-entine’s Day with your best friend

Recently I had stepped back from blogging, but I didn’t give up reading or learning more about retirement relationships. On occasion I  focused on how relationships beyond the marriage partnership affect marriage relationships—especially in retirement. That’s how I discovered how to celebrate Gal-entine’s Day!

For what seems like months, I have been occupied with the revision and publication of the Second Edition of Survive Your Husband’s Retirement. The paperback has been available for a few weeks and, the ebook has just become available for all reading devices. Now I’m thrilled  to get back to writing about building strong relationships in retirement.

In my joy in returning to writing, today, I would like to present a new  twist on building a strong relationship with your life partner

Retirement and the company we keep

Retirement tends to find us in the company of our life mate more frequently. This is good as it enables us to grow in appreciation of one another. Still, there’s truth to the concept that even the most loving of couples need time apart. Time where individuals pursue their own interests and learn from contact with others is vital to life’s satisfaction. Separate time provides new perspectives. Best of all, it enables us to come back to our partners with ideas that keep the relationship fresh and loving.

Enter Gal-entine’s Day

Gal-entine’s Day was coined and assigned the date of February 13 by Lelsie Knope, star of the show Parks and Recreation. It celebrates the importance of best friends. Although romance is crucial in life partnerships, Gal-entine’s Day demonstrates that Best Friends are essential for most retirees. These relationships add to our ability to remain energetically involved in life.

Best Friends matter

Think about it:

Best friends will laugh at your jokes.

Best friends will cry for you when you cry.

Best friends will lend you their favorite outfit.

Best friends understand you without explanation

A special deal for friends

To encourage and celebrate Gal-entine’s Day —as well as the publication of Survive’s second edition, I have a special offer for Friends.

1. Buy the paper copy of Survive Your Husband’s Retirement for your friend.

This is even better than lending her your favorite outfit. With this book, you’ll help your friend discover tools for coping with her life partner’s retirement—today or years from today.

2. Keep the free e-book for yourself and share it with your life mate.

This will help you and your partner enliven conversations on making your retirement relationship the best it can possibly be.

Retirement is not a time for procrastination. Reading this book today will help you  create your future.

I think Gal-entine’s Day should become a formal National Holiday. Please tell us below what you think.

Ordering the book

I’m not sure why Amazon has such an obscure way of making the match offer available to readers. However, after many trials and efforts, I finally learned their method and want to mention it in case you have not used the match program before.

To take advantage of this Gal-entine’s Day offer, go to Amazon and purchase the paper book. Once you have completed your order, go back to the Kindle version and the free match Price, $0.00, will appear.

If I were in charge of Amazon, the process would be simpler, but that’s how they do it!

Hope you and your friend enjoy reading and discussing this book. Oh—And