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One thing I learned about retirement is that you should folllow the rules of retirement and play nice.
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  Playing by the Rules in Retirement

Barbara Torris may be the most refreshing and humorous writer on retirement I have come across in a long time. Her article, Playing By the Rules, is one perfect example of her answer to the dilemmas we retirees may face in this life stage.

Barbara frequently speaks of her joy of being retired and of spending time with grandchildren. In fact, her experiences of spending time with  grandchildren has resulted in the development of rules for success in retirement relationships that I am sure you will enjoy. 

Her rules of retirement, listed below, also serve as rules we (especially grandparents) tend to create for children. She mentions many of the most recommended polite practices and common sense actions that retirees should remember. You’re likely to notice they’re not that different from those we preached to our children, and those our children hopefully preach to theirs.

I hope you will have have a good laugh as you read Barbara’s suggestions for creating a happy and contented retirement life. Y0u might also want to check out her blog. 

Rules in Retirement

According to Barbara, “the two sets of rules, one for grandchildren and one for retirement, run parallel to each other in a weird sort of way.” They go like this:

  1. You must hug another person several times a day.
  2. Remember a “please” and “thank you” is always good.
  3. When you are spoken to, please answer.
  4. Be nice. 
  5. Don’t be bossy.
  6. Share. 
  7. Cooperate.
  8. Look at a person when you are talking to them.
  9. The computer/TV must be turned off after a certain period of time. 
  10. Go outside and play.

She goes on with even a few more brilliant observations.

Future Actions for your Joyful Retirement

I hope you will check her website and read some of her pieces.  

For me, one of the great pleasures of retirement is time to read and explore new ideas from great writers. This was one of those moments, and I welcome the opportunity to share that with you.  I hope you will share this with others.