Our heroes soar

                                Today’s Heroes Soar

Memorial Day—Why it’s so important

The celebration of Memorial Day in the US this week is a good time for reflection. It prompts me to question how often I thank the many people who make my comfortable life possible. Memorial Day is intended to honor men and women who have died while serving in the US Military.  Clearly the soldiers who fought in many wars to preserve our freedom rank high in my gratitude.  This year, however, I’m also thinking of many others who have devoted their lives for the common good of this country. The actions of women champions for our right to vote—and other rights— have improved life in this country dramatically. And, those who have promoted equal rights for all have created an awareness that will help make this country stronger and better. For me, these are all heroes who should be acknowledged with humility and gratitude.

Today’s Heroes

Today I also see a new group of heroes whose efforts are doing so much for all of us. They’re the people on the front lines of COVID-19. The medical professionals committed to helping those affected with this virus face personal danger and exhaustion every day. Yet, they do it, not because they consider themselves heroes, but because they are selflessly committed to helping others. They also believe they are doing it for the good of our country. For this, I am humbled and extremely grateful.

The selfless commitment of medical support people should also be valued. Their commitment to keeping facilities clean and safe, providing supplies or feeding other workers is part of the crucial process that will help us make it to the other side of this disaster. Equally important are the scientists who are working against all odds to develop a vaccine to help end this nightmare. They surely deserve our gratitude and recognition.

Let’s Make a Difference This Year

Most of us typically celebrate Memorial Day with parades, cook-outs or a day at the beach. Much of that won’t happen this year. However, Memorial Day 2020 seems like the perfect time to add new meaning to our celebrations. Consequently, I encourage you to take time to show your gratitude to these remarkable people fighting for us.

Will you share your thoughts on how to show our appreciation and gratitude for these heroes? They are working night and day to create an end to this regretful nightmare. Our gratitude is important.

We’re all in this together, and I am extremely grateful to those essential people working for me and my family. I hope you are also.

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