compatibility brings happiness

marriage compatibility brings happiness

I have been asked to repeat this article that was run in 2015. Even if you have seen it before, perhaps it will still offer a few ideas for you!

Why is marriage compatibility important?

Sometime ago I came across a Sustainable Marriage Quiz by Tara Parker-Pope. For me the quiz points out how one’s perception of a relationship can affect both that relationship and our self-perception. The quiz helps readers identify how well they relate to their spouse or significant other. It implies that the more mates benefit one another, the more likely they are to experience happiness and marriage compatibility.

Marriage Compatibility brings happiness

This quiz illustrates that the level of compatibility with our mates—even after long years of togetherness—is particularly important for retired couples. True, many couples find happiness without 100 percent compatibility. However, because retired couples usually spend more time together, feeling supported, encouraged and challenged by our mates increases in importance.

Are you compatible with your mate, and how does that affect your self perception? The quiz asks readers to ponder ideas such as, how much does your partner help you increase your knowledge and does your partner help you expand your capabilities.  

Your answers to these question are important because having someone in your life who cares for and wants to support you significantly contributes to your good health and happiness. Since it’s never too late to learn and to grow with one another, you and your mate might enjoy looking at the Sustainable Marriage Quiz. It might provide new thoughts on growing in mutual happiness through support of one another.

After reviewing the quiz, it would be great if you would share your thoughts and ideas about compatibility in the comment section below.

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