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Making retirement work is a narrow path but is so beautiful when achieved. Flickr Photo by YoTuT – Creative Commons License

More  Thoughts on Making Retirement Work

Last week’s blog presented 50 reasons for making retirement work together. Several readers thought they were great ideas, and a few questioned how to bring them to reality. There is no one answer for that question, but I would refer to a quote by Alan Weiss, The “Million Dollar Maverick” of marketing. He believes that ‘To deliberately stop contributing, creating, and providing value to others is unthinkable (and a slippery slope to irrelevancy and decline.”

You may ask, how this relates to retirement—and especially to retirement relationships. Think about it, however, and you’re like to see it has everything to do about retirement relationships.

One frequent concern I hear about retirement for ourselves and our mates is fear of becoming irrelevant. No longer tied to the identity of a job, some people loose interest in life. They become bored, unhappy or dissatisfied with their surroundings and how they spend their time.

The need to entertain a bored partner all the time or to deal with an angry mate leads to dissension for both parties and leads to much unhappiness.

Creating, Contributing and Providing Value Leads to Contentment

When we choose to create, contribute, and provide value to others we renew our sense of purpose and joy in life. This doesn’t mean retirees have to take on new jobs or be busy 20 hours a day. Instead, it means, that retirement is a time for renewal. Opportunities to discover new interests or renew missed passions abound—we just have to seek them out.

Compatible partners expect to help one another when needed, but we must first care for ourselves.

Overcoming The Difficulties of Making Retirement Work Together

Another thought that provides ideas for achieving some reasons to make retirement work together comes from Robert Laura in his blog, Three Real Reasons Couples Fail in Retirement.  In this article, he states, that “Success in retirement is much more about couples’ ability to overcome difficulties together.”

Few of us live on a golden throne where all good things and good health are handed to us. Even couples who look as if they have everything going for them will be confronted with some difficulties. When it does, couples who are committed to overcoming difficulties together will be better able to discuss and cope with the issue.

Making Retirement Work Together

It’s your call. Do you want to sustain a happy retirement relationship with your mate? If you do,  the ideas above may provide ideas for making that work every day for you and your partner.

What other thoughts do you have for making retirement work together? Your ideas are important and could provide great tips for the rest of us. Please share them below or post them on your favorite social media