A woman jumping for joy over a joyful retirement

We jump for joy when we take steps for making retirement joyful

Tips for making retirement joyful

Have you ever looked for ways for making retirement joyful? Recently I came across a quote by Wade Boggs, a former Red Sox baseball player that inspired me. He said,  we create happiness  when “ we believe that our lives are not determined by what happens to us but how we react to what happens.”  Reading this quote reminded me that each us has responsibility for making our retirement joyful.  Best of all, we can do it with the right mindset.

While reading this, I happened too glance out my window and saw a friend on her daily walk. This might not seem extraordinary to but Denise was plodding  through on crutches and a badly sprained leg. Wade’s quote made me think of her indomitable spirit and joy for life. She made me realize that we can make retirement a party – despite inconveniences  – if we work at it.

Denise could be your role-model for a joyful retirement

Close to 80, Denise has been a widow for several years, but she refuses to let this get in her way. An avid gardener, she Is frequently found planting or putting some whimsy in her yard. As a member of the local garden club, she participates in events such as neighborhood cleanups, fundraisers and educational opportunities. At her church she is a leading initiator of events. She helps raise funds for those in need and always brings a smile to those who are sad. When not doing for others, she is eager for a good party or outing to a concert or play.

You might wonder what Denise’s story has to do with retirment joy, but I think her life approach is an excellent formula for making relationships and life joyful. 

When I talk with women with retired husbands, I frequently hear of aggravations that occur from living together 24/7. Denise believes that life is what you make it. She believes that getting angry over a spouse’s, or others, actions isn’t worth the effort.  For Denise, a positive attitude brings happiness. She has also shown me that it’s helpful to question why something annoys me before getting angry. So, if you wane to make your retirement joyful, let go of anger or frustration and find something to laugh about. You’ ll be glad you did.

Share your Retirement Joy With Others.

Admittedly it is sometimes easier to say, “be joyful” then to feel it. Please share your experiences of times when you have been able to let go of anger or annoyances and simply enjoy retirement life. You could inspire someone to discover a reason for happiness.

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