you could be the bird of happiness!

you could be the bird of happiness!

Last week I wrote about just a small effort can benefit another person. A few days later I was the beneficiary of just such an action, but it did not seem small to me.

I hope you won’t think it’s self-serving, but I’d like to share Catherine’s review with you. To me it’s an example of how a show of appreciation can benefit our moods, energy and determination. Her words affirmed the work I have been doing and brought new energy to my process.

“I found Nora a few weeks after my husband ended up in an unplanned early retirement. I was completely unprepared and desperate for help. I started searching online and, when I found Nora’s site, I started corresponding with her. 

I was so happy to read her book! Just hearing her story and how “normal” many of my feelings were helped bring some relief. Learning the different categories of how husbands respond to retirement helped me identify and understand my husband a bit more. As I worked through the frazzled nerves and daily annoyances I was able to start getting a sense of sanity, moment by moment, by applying some of the “rational plan of attack” strategies she shares in the book. 

Knowing that she and the others whose stories she shared understood my struggles, helped me. It also helped me to understand my husband’s struggles better instead of just being annoyed all the time. The variety of real life examples and solutions makes the suggestions in this book very doable. With the coping secrets and success tips, my husband and I have been creating new goals, writing books together and making a new “normal” we both can live with. We are about to enter his 5th year of retirement. 

I will forever be grateful for Nora sharing her life experiences to help people like me cope with their husband’s retirement. It can be rough at times but, like any other season of life, it is negotiable with the help of others.”    Catherine Calvetti, Northern Wisconsin. 

Why do I share this review with you? I share it because it affirms my primary goal in writing Survive Your Husband’s Retirement; to help couples find joy and purpose in their retirement relationship. If it helps one family, it’s been worth the effort and gives me energy to continue to promote the need for honest discussion on retirement adjustments.

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