what makes you calm?

what makes you calm?

Are you a fan of New Year’s resolutions? I never have been; they feel like a way to set myself up for failure and disappointment as they typically lasted for just a few weeks. Recently, however, someone asked me to name one word I would use as my guidance for 2015, and this approach seemed different and doable.

At the time I was enjoying developing an attitude of gratitude, thanks to a web site I had come across several months before. The Blog, Blooming Humans suggests that creating an attitude of gratitude can lead to a greater sense of peace, contentment and satisfaction and offers daily thoughts on creating gratitude in our lives.

Within a few weeks of following this site, I noticed a change in my attitude; I felt calmer and generally more accepting of events that previously would have annoyed me. After a few more days I noticed a greater appreciation of even the smallest happenings. The world’s beauty became more vibrant to me, and I began to understand the meaning of being at peace with oneself.

It’s hard to imagine that the simple act of taking time before going to bed to think of two things for which I am grateful could make such a difference. However this practice is slowly transforming me into a happier, calmer and, I hope, kinder person. The thought process has begun to seep into my daily life. It prompts me to look for good in even the most frustrating situations, and in that process, I tend to forget my annoyance.

Gratitude is good for relationships and is especially good in a retirement marriage. It helps reduce frustration…and blood pressure, and it brings peace to our lives. So what’s not to like about it? I’m grateful that I cannot find even one reason for ending this practice, and I suspect that the more I do this, the more reasons for gratitude I will find. If you would like to practice gratitude you might visit the blog, Blooming Humans for suggestions.

Happy New Year

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