The power for peace is within each of us

The power for peace is within each of us

I recently came across the following quote that I thought was so beautiful and true that I had to share it with you.

Love because you can, love because you do, love because it feels so good, beautiful and true.    

                                                                     Aine Belton~    

Aine founded the Global Love Project. It’s a platform for honoring and celebrating humanitarian love, with numerous facets, initiatives, and inspiration. She believes that love is the common thread that joins us all; it dissolves barriers, heals divides, bridges differences, and unites one another. 

While reading this, I was struck by the power of such a simple word. With just four letters it signifies the most powerful tool in the world to bring peace and happiness in our lives. Additionally, the beauty of it is that this tool can work between just two people as well as the whole world. 

When we find the love in our hearts for a person––or group of people––with whom we might have a potential conflict or argument of the moment, it becomes so much easier to consider the others’ viewpoint and come to understand their needs. It prompts us to ask how we can work with them to resolve issues.

This is true whether we’re trying to resolve an issue with a spouse, friend or partner as well as for our government representatives. Sadly I don’t have the power or influence to negotiate the issues of the United Nations or our Congress, but I can certainly use the power of love to smooth differences with my spouse or others in my sphere of influence. When I remember what I find good and lovable in a particular person, it’s much easier to resolve any difference that may have cropped up in a day and move on in the relationship.

Those who give their love and understanding in tense situations also benefit. When we’re angry, our bodies stress and frequently suffer from muscle strain, headaches or stomach aches. When we share love and understanding, our bodies are calm and less agitated…good for the body, good for the psyche.

Perhaps today is the day to treat ourselves to a stress free life by remembering how good it feels to love and to share that feeling with all with whom we come in contact. 

How will you share that love today? Please share your ideas below. 

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