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Are you Lonely in Retirement

I have learned that one of the biggest concerns potential retirees have is the fear of being lonely in retirement. 

Because their lives have been filled with work and work relationships, many worry about filling their days and with whom.

The Legitimacy of Loneliness in Retirement

Thanks to the decline of daily contact with like-minded people in the workplace, isolation can easily become a reality. Consequently concern about loneliness in retirement is legitimate. Studies have shown that loneliness frequently causes a sense of isolation and depression, and frequently, early death. None of these results are desirable, but it is possible to change the situation.

Combating Loneliness

Recognition of the problems of isolation is the first step. Admittedly, preventing loneliness is not easy for some, especially for those who are shy.  However, it’s doable if we care about our own health and well-being. Best of all, these steps can enrich our lives immensely when we choose to make it happen,

Loneliness in Retirement Can Be Eradicated

According to experts, (insert reference) the first step to eliminate aloneness is to define what you like to do. Next, ask yourself how much time you want to spend reaching out to others. Then, with access to a computer, it is generally easy to locate a group or groups that are of interest to you. Next, make a commitment to attend a gathering of something of interest. 

The first visit to a new group may seem frightening. Nevertheless, those in the group have mutual interests and probably are looking to create new acquaintances as well.  The meeting may create an immediate desire to continue attending—or it may not be what you hoped. Either way, you will have learned something about a topic of interest. 

If you consider the first meeting unproductive, you might reevaluate what you want to learn and seek other groups. Alternately, a second visit may introduce you to different members of the group with similar levels of knowledge or interests. Most importantly, remember you are seeking connections and an activity to help keep you healthy and interested in life.

Another outlet for feeling good about time well spent and meeting people is volunteering in a cause you care about. There are many needs in our world today.

 Surely, you can identify one where you would like to help. If you don’t know where to begin to find your cause, you might check the volunteer match or similar sites on the web.


Why Volunteer?

We volunteer to help others, but the truth is we often benefit ourselves more than those who receive our efforts. Don’t cheat yourself. Hop on the bandwagon of good health and meaningful lives. Get involved in something that matters to you. 

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