Give kindness this year should be a year round thought.

Kindness is contagious

Several times this holiday season I heard  someone say, “May the spirit of Christmas kindness last throughout the year.”

Whether celebrating Christmas or other holidays this season, most of us recognize how kindliness and generosity pervade the holiday atmosphere.

Most people just seem  kinder and more patient this time of the year, and this spirit is especially important in retirement marriages.

Through conversations with retired couples during my research for, Survive your Husband’s Retirement, I saw that retired couples who are kind to one another have greater satisfaction with their lives and their relationship. I remember one woman telling me, “I just like being with him; he’s so kind.”

If you doubt the effect of this virtue, I encourage you to visit the Facebook  site, Temecula-Cashier-Act-of-Kindness-Cerebral-Palsy-Teen. See how you feel when viewing the video of  simple kindness. Doesn’t it make you smile and feel as if you want to be kind to others?

The Second Edition of Survive offers many tips for creating a contented retirement marriage.The first tip in Chapter 6 is, kindness is contagious. It seems that I am not alone in this belief.

Long ago, the philosopher, Nietzsche, argued that kindness and love are the “most curative herbs and agents in human intercourse”. Just a few years ago, the Atlantic Monthly published an article about work by the Psychologist John Gottman. He studied how being kind to one another is the most important predictor of satisfaction and stability in a marriage.He states that kindness makes each partner feel cared for, understood, and validated.

Kindliness is a state of mind.

It may take patience and practice, but we can all cultivate kindness. When you get there, you’ll  never want to turn back because life is so  much more peaceful– regardless of the obstacles life may throw us.

Call me a Pollyanna if you wish, but I do think being kind to others can help change the world. Please share your favorite act of habitual or Random Kindness. Or if you prefer, tell us about an act of consideration you would like to have extended to you. Your thoughts could start a chain of events that will make a difference.

Here’s wishing you the Spirit of Christmas (aka kindness) throughout the year.

PS: another beautiful story about being kind to someone.