water rushing over rocks causes change
water rushing over rocks causes change

Just as this water continually changes, so too do we.



Are you ready for the challenge of Keeping Love Alive in Retirement? It may be the most important thing you can do for a contented retirement relationship.

Without the effort to keep a retirement relationship alive some couples may begin to feel as if they are sinking into the doldrums. Retired couples who spend more time together may also begin to take one another for granted. Suddenly, that spark of love isn’t as bright as it once was, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Embracing change is an effective way to rekindle the love you felt in your early years together. Do you remember being excited when your mate returned after a few hours or days away? It’s possible to make that happen again, but it requires creativity and a willingness to accept change.

Embrace Your Mate’s Change

A recent study conducted by Daniel Gilbert of Harvard University discovered that most people felt they had changed more than expected over the years. Therefore, it seems likely if the person interviewed was surprised by their changes that his or her life mate is also going to be surprised by the changes.

Change is often good. It requires us to think and reach out to new experiences that add value and vigor to one’s life. Sometimes a mate might welcome the change, other times, the changes may be hard to accept or adjust to. Nonetheless, “being forever content with a spouse requires finding ways to be happy with different versions of that person.”

When these changes occur (and they will occur) you might ask yourself what is happening to the person and your relationship. Although such changes are likely to require adjustments on your part, it’s helpful to consider how you will adjust and make it good for the relationship.

Accepting Change: A key for keeping love alive

Recently I’ve moved from being highly driven to get things done on a timely basis to deciding mañana is good. While sometimes bothersome that something isn’t’ done as expected, my new outlook has  opened doors to impulse adventures. Both my husband and I agree this is a good change!

Best of all, it’s often such adventures that light the spark for keeping love alive. And, when love exists, life is better!

What are positive changes you have experienced in your life and your relationship? We all learn from one another so please share your comments below. How do you feel about those changes and how have they affected your relationship?

photo: courtesy flicker.com Maria Jaeger

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