Bringing Inner Peace to Our World

I just came across a blog I posted several years ago and thought it worth sharing in the midst of COViD-19. I know I benefit from bringing calm and peaceful thoughts to my life and hope you will also.

In her article, The Symptoms of Inner Peace, Dorothy Sander states that inner peace comes from, “the kind of quiet we find when we learn to turn down the volume on our inner noise…on the banter and barter that produces a non-stop assault upon our sense of peace and security.”

In her commentary Dorothy lists conditions that indicate the presence of inner peace. My favorite is loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others.

Why does this demonstrate inner peace for me?

Because now when I go to the store and encounter a rude clerk, I can skip the anger that says, I’m never going back to that store.” Instead, I can think,“The person is probably having a bad day––or maybe a bad life. ” I don’t have to take it personally.

Now when an impatient driver leans on his horn even before the light turns green, I simply think, “He forgot the rules of the road his parents so patiently taught him…not, “I should be jumping the red light.”

And best of all…when my husband comes in grumpy from a tough day at golf, I think, “He’s just tired and grumpy,”…not, “Why is he making my life miserable?”

What freedom!

For more ideas about Inner Peace go to Dorothy’s website, or to Saskia’s at  You may find other symptoms of peace that attract you––such as, “ experiencing frequent attacks of smiling through the eyes of your heart.”

Have a beautiful day!