Hugging is great for everyone

Hugging is great for everyone


After posting last week’s blog on the value of listening, laughing and hugging in retirement marriage, it was great to see reaffirmation of these thoughts by, what many consider, the authority on retirement in the US. AARP’s recent magazine featured an article on The Power of Touch and showed how scientists are discovering that a caress is not only the most beautiful of gestures, but it may also be the most important.

Sometimes it’s hard to want to give your mate a big hug. Especially when you’re in the middle of a vigorous discussion it may seem impossible. However, this may be the most important time to do just that. If you’re not into the beauty of a hug at this moment, you might consider the scientific reasons to stop and hug.

According to the authors, David Linden and Martha Thomas, of the Power of Touch, the skin is our largest sensory interface with the world, and it never turns off. We can plug our ears or cover our eyes in a gesture to block what we don’t want to see or hear, but we can’t turn off our skin. Caring contact with another person helps our bodies produce oxytocin, the hormone that creates a bond between one another. While this hormone is a long way from the opium driven prescription drug,Oxycontin, they both can be habit forming, and hugging is a good habit.

Do it for yourself, do it for your mate, but remember, if you’re angry or frustrated over something, a hug may be the best cure.

Retirement can be the best time of our lives—if we let it be so. Please share below what you do to make this third stage of your life the best it can possibly be.We all can benefit from one another’s tips, and you’ll feel good sharing them with other readers.

The more I think about it, the more I feel that hugs just might help make this world a kinder, more loving place to inhabit. Lets spread the word!  Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterist or wherever you like to hang out on Social Media.