Winer holidays for all bring light and joy

Winter holidays bring joy and light to all of our lives.
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Are there such things as holidays for all? Can we all enjoy and celebrate the many traditions throughout the world?

It has recently dawned on me that, even in the cold of winter, days are made beautiful and joyous by the many holidays celebrated this time of the year. The variety of observances and beliefs celebrated by divergent people makes the world richer. They add light and celebration to all of our lives.

I used to be disturbed by the tendency in the US to squash the use of Merry Christmas greetings. I felt that a festive and sacred occasion for me and my family was being denigrated. Now however, I realize that my observances are not minimized by those who celebrate joyous occasions other than Christmas. Truly, these festivities enhance my joy; I hope my family’s celebrations can do the same for those of other customs.

Why should any of us begrudge another’s celebrations? Why shouldn’t we learn from one another?  Why shouldn’t there be holidays for all? After all, we are one people living together on one earth. Giving one another freedom to peacefully express our beliefs makes us all richer. Our neighbors, near and far, need not threaten any of us as long as we respect each other.

It seems to me that the idea of freedom of thought should work as well for society as it does for couples. When we respect one another’s thoughts and needs, we begin to create harmony in our lives and our relationships. Respect given to another’s ideas may be the single most important action we can take toward creating joy and harmony in life.

I wish you and your loved ones beautiful winter holidays. Regardless of our manner of  winter traditions may we all choose to share the peace and goodness of this winter season.

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