helping one person to transition in retirement helps one person at a time

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We can be the change one piece at a time

Will you help other retirees to transition in retirement?

For the last couple of weeks I have posted blogs on transition in retirement. In fact, transition in retirement seems to be a constant state. Like most couples my husband and I have gone through several stages in our retirement relationship. Consequently, I’d like to help other retirees discover that fact early on in their retirement.

Retirement transition is a continuous development 

As a couple we learned to compromise on routines, goals and daily practices. Each compromise was a (sometimes hard) learning stage, but we feel that our relationship has grown from the experience. Looking back on those times of compromise, reveals how each change deepened our relationship and brought us closer.

At the beginning of retirement life, however, the sense that change will be positive isn’t always obvious. That’s why I think we “experienced” retires can help other retires—our younger counterparts—discover this reality sooner.

How have your retirement adjustment struggles fostered a transition to a deeper, stronger relationship? My husband’s and my first transition to a happier retirement occurred through recognizing our different needs in this life stage. This helped us compromise on many of concerns and minimized tension.

Will you tell us one of your transitions to a joyful retirement? Your sharing could benefit you and start a new and helpful conversation for all of us. Please share your ideas in the comment section below, on Social Media or in an email.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on these references. Did you find them helpful?