The other day a friend laughingly told me that her recently retired husband tried to tell her how to tie her shoes.

I can’t decide which is harder to believe––the fact that he actually tried to tell her that or that she can recount the event laughingly.  She probably can laugh about it because she’s a really good sport, but it could also be because she called him on it immediately.

“Wait,” she said. “You aren’t really going to tell me how to tie my shoes––are you?”

Caught in the act, he had to admit that had been his intent, and that she probably already knew how to tie them. Such quick interaction saved the day and they were able to go off on their planned bike ride free of any hidden aggravation––but that may not have  happened if weren’t open about their feelings or insensitive to how their actions affect their spouse.

I recently heard from a grammar and high school classmate in response to my web site.  He told me, “His retirement went fine as soon as he learned to duct tape his mouth.”

I laughed at the thought for he is a fine gentleman with a great sense of humor and one who I could hardly imagine would ever say anything wrong.  Apparently, his wife didn’t agree, but it seems they found at least one solution.

Thrust together 24/7, it seems that some retired husbands develop a tendency to critique many of their wives’ actions.  If your husband hasn’t yet realized that, indeed you have been doing the daily tasks around the house successfully for quite a few years, there may be a new remedy––or at least a weapon.

Imagine the threat of duct tape on a bearded face. OUCH!  That alone should prompt the struggling retiree to look inward for other things to do instead of trying to change all  previously successful household routines.

Did you know Duct Tape comes in many colors? You could even make a fashion statement.

A special contest for all you present, past or wannabe Clamdiggers. Go to the comment section and guess the classmate with the duct tape. The first correct answer wins a SRHS memento. Be sure to include your name so you can collect the prize.

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