While preparing a talk I’m scheduled to give the day before Halloween, I begin to think about the retirees I‘ve met since beginning this work. As I thought about the many personalities and their ways of adjusting to retirement, it occurred to me that a variety of masks could fit many retirement personas. Do you recognize anyone in the following descriptions?

The Wicked Witch http://bit.ly/1xW24J4

The Wicked Witch http://bit.ly/1xW24J4

The first mask that came to mind is the Witch persona. These people often resent his or her own or their mate’s retirement and may spend much time grousing about life changes in retirement. They may find fault with everyone with whom they come in contact or because they don’t like having their partner around so much or they don’t think they have enough money to live their dreams or that all their friends are still working, or whatever else matters to them. You know the type—those who are happy only when they make others unhappy. Picture the black hat at the grocery store snapping at the pleasant cashier who offers a friendly greeting.



Another retirement persona is what I call the Butterfly—the person flittering from one project to another––constantly on the lookout for new treasures. Like nature’s Butterfly, this retiree delivers much good and happiness as it spreads its wings. Sometimes, however, because these people are almost always on the move and may be so busy figuring out what they are going to do next that they forget to take time to bask in the beauty of the moment.

Rocks are steadfast http://bit.ly/1sMYVLi

Still another persona is the Rock, the person who can always be counted on—is always there when you need him or her. While it’s wonderful to have a person you can count on, this type of personality can occasionally be overbearing since Rocks seldom second guess themselves and may not allow for another person’s viewpoint.



sun rays http://bit.ly/1phoY8D

sun rays

My favorite persona is The Ray of Sunshine, cheerful individuals who are generally content with life and intent on bringing happiness to others. They cast a wide spread of goodness in a light-hearted way and never make others feel beholden to them.   What’s your Halloween Persona?

Can you identify with any of these personalities, or do you wear a different mask. We’d love to hear which costume you like to put on—or would like to take off!

To hear more about Halloween Masks and how they can affect our happiness, join me at The Hive.  See you at Noon on October 30 for a spine chilling good time.

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