A woman jumping for joy over a joyful retirement

We jump for joy when we take steps for making retirement joyful

What brings joy to your life?

Are you enjoying retirement? I hope it’s is a time for you to choose activities you find enjoyable and that bring contentment and satisfaction each day. No doubt, a happy retirement means something different for each of us. For many, however, this life stage is most satisfying when we experience a sense of purpose in every day. 

I recently heard that those who are 65, and in reasonably good health, have a living expectancy of 19.5 more years. That’s a lot of years if you’re not enjoying your life. But, how do you change that if you’re regretting retirement?  

According to Victor Frankl, a 20th century psychologist, “a meaningful life involves caring for others and contributing to one’s community”. That doesn’t mean you have to be of service to others all the time. It does, however, suggest that sharing your skills and interests with others, could be an important reason to get up in the morning.  

“That’s a good thought,” you might think. But you might also wonder how to discover a good purpose for yourself. Consider for a moment, your own skills or interests and focus on how you could share them with others. Or you might think of new skills you’d like to develop and give someone an opportunity to help you.  Whatever your question, the goal is to determine what will make you feel complete and help you feel that you are enjoying retirement.

Some resources for help in enjoying retirement

Only you know those answers, but some readers may find these difficult questions. Consequently, I would like to share an article on steps to achieve meaning and purpose in retirement. The author, Andrea Brandt, offers four steps to help retirees identify activities they would find fulfilling. You may find this tool helpful if you’re stuck looking for your special meaning.

Even if your days are full, it’s possible to be drawn into activities not to your liking or creation. If that’s the case, these four steps can be useful for you as well. We all have 168 hours in a week. One of the joys in retirement should be having time to create your own life meaning and joy.

You may feel you have all of your purpose driven activities in place, that’s great. However, I hope you’ll still open this site.  The sheer enjoyment of the picture at the top is so uplifting that it has to make you smile.

No doubt, you have worked hard, and you deserve to enjoy retirement. Nevertheless, for most retirees, this life stage is most happily spent sharing our talents and interests. I hope this article inspires you to find your own purpose and joy. You owe that to yourself!

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