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What’s your focus? 



An article I read recently prompted me to think about how life is generally more pleasant and satisfactory when we focus on creating a happy retirement. The truth is, our focus does determine our reality.

Have you ever met a retiree or the wife of a retiree who is unhappy with events since retirement has become a reality for them? The majority of people I interviewed as part of my research for Survive Your Husband’s Retirement  did have a positive approach to this new life stage, but I also meet husbands and wives who were unhappy in retirement. Some wives expressed anger that their retired husbands were always there, had become bossy or expected to go everywhere with them. Men who did not know what to do with all their new time or missed being in charge of something or their work colleagues were also unhappy.

Although most couples experience similar situations as they adjust to retirement, those who decided to focus on creating a happy retirement were able to build a pleasant life that meets the needs of both partners. These couples found that contentment with their new life stage also enabled them to create an ever-growing, caring and loving relationship, all because they knew, as Qui-Gon Jinn reminds us in Star Wars, your focus determines your reality.

Are you struggling with the adjustments retirement is requiring of you or are you worried about what retirement will bring? If so, you might want to remind yourself that what you think, you become. Sure it could take some work for the two of you to create a happy retirement marriage, but a positive focus is the first step. We all deserve a happy retirement life and you can have it if you give it a try.

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