enjoying the company of friends will Rock Your Retirement

Joy comes in finding what we love most.

An effective tool for keeping Retirement Joy in our lives is allowing ourselves to make changes when needed. I experienced that concept first hand this summer and think the topic is worth a discussion.

Ideas about Retirement Joy

For the past nine plus years I have enjoyed writing about retirement joy. Additionally, I valued your comments on how you created your joy and sharing your thoughts with other readers.

However, this summer, grandchildren’s visits, a variety of activities and a crashed computer kept me from posting blogs. This bothered me until I accepted the time as another phase in life. Then, after giving my self permission to enjoy every moment with the children and their shenanigans, I felt exhilarated. The activities we explored and opportunities to experience their creativity, enthusiasm and intelligence brought joy and wonder. It convinced me that, although young people think and act differently than we seniors, they will accomplish wonders.

Although I had not planned to take a writing sabbatical, I am happy for the opportunity to have experienced one. It’s brought a fresh outlook and opportunities to learn from others—especially those who are younger.


What are your ideas on retirement joy?  🤔🙃🌅

My questions for you are—

Have you defined your concept of joy in retirement?

Will you share your thoughts on retirement joy?

What has given you a fresh outlook that prompts even greater retirement joy?

How (or has) a fresh approach affected your outlook on life?

Was it difficult to give up (or postpone) something you had thought was essential to your joy in retirement?

Do you have advice for anyone just beginning life in retirement?

Will you share your thoughts about joy in retirement?

It would be wonderful to hear from you (via email, Facebook or in the comment section).  For many, joy comes from helping others, and this is opportunity to do just that!


“Happiness is the meaning and end of human existence.” Aristotle 

While Artistotle’s comment might be considered a bit extreme by some, it certainly is an important contributor to our health and wellbeing.