Riding a dune buggy is one way for finding joy in retirment.

The more we laugh together, the better we stay together.

Why not let these tips for finding joy in retirement be your ticket to contentment.

Have you-or someone you know—had difficulty adjusting to a retirement relationship? That’s not uncommon, but I’ve heard a few tips from other retirees that could help. In fact, you might enjoy them even if you feel adjusted but are occasionally on edge in the relationship. Where are you on that satisfaction level in retirement?  Do you occasionally feel the need to take a long walk—by yourself?

Why did other retirees share their tips with me? Sharing when we are frustrated brings relief. We also share when we are successful because it reinforces our success and makes us feel good to help others. Sharing is the way we learn, and it’s how we reflect on both the good and difficult in our lives.

I hope you’ll enjoy these ideas and consider posting your own tips below. Just imagine how many couples you could help with a brief comment.

1. Help one another

Can’t you just feel the love and concern the couple in the picture has for one another—and even their desire for adventure? It’s probably fair to say that their mutual enjoyment of this experience comes from years of cooperation and expressed love.  They seem to have found a tool for finding joy in retirement.

Supporting your mate’s needs is mutually beneficial and eases the retirement adjustment for both of you. It contributes to good compromises. I know it feels great when I feel supported by my mate. Mutual support of one another also makes it easier to work toward mutual happiness.


2. Laugh together

Much of our attitude about life and our capacity to meet life’s challenges depends on the quality of our relationships. Laughter contributes to a warm atmosphere in our homes and helps create good relationships.”

There are many ways couples can find to laugh together, and the more we do it together, the easier laughter becomes. My husband and I have a prompt for laughter that is probably understood only by us, but it works. Our “inside humor” dispels annoying situations and usually results in laughter and a hug instead of a scowl. Best of all, laughing together over little things increases our sense of togetherness and understanding.

3. Play together-A great tool for finding joy together

Taking time for activities you enjoy together creates opportunities for discovering humor, contentment and acceptance in retirement.

A common goal in early retirement involves cleaning out clutter from the basement, garage or closets. True, it has benefits, but it can become frustrating. Occasionally putting aside arduous tasks opens time to clarify important retirement goals and allows you to enjoy one another’s company. Even an unplanned walk on a beautiful day could prompt discussion of your dreams and plans to achieve them.

Finding Joy in Retirement

Some people are anxious for retirement., some are anxious about retirement. Regardless of your feelings, remember we create our own happiness.

Will you help couples find their happiness by sharing your retirement tips below or on your favorite Social Media?

Wishing you a Joyful day.

Looking for more tips for creating a happy retirement relationship? You’ll find many more in Survive Your Husband’s Retirement.


PS Happy Halloween!